Sunday, 10 April 2011

...aku overacted ..

Cik N im so sorry for overreacting..
Maybe I'm a very emotional person..
Or maybe selfish...
Or maybe not as mature as you are..
Or maybe the devil has already got my soul
I agree that i overreacted..
Maalish sodiqoti,
Sorry my friend,
Mianhamnida chinggu,
N minta maaf sahabat...

But I'm happy because i got a respond from you ASAP, after i posted the previous foolish, emotional and immature post...


Adi Zhaf said...

adelah perkare biase untuk wanita berkelakuan terlebih emosi pade sesuatu mase =)

IqbalHakim said...

yup... and better management of anger means...
your just one step ahead from a much calm and happy life within His pleasure... = D