Wednesday, 21 January 2009

its all about us =)

salam,hai,anyeong haseiyo
apa khabar?,howwa u?,amil eih?
alhamdulillah kuwaisinnn

this is da first time were bloggin' sumthng2 in our blog..
sumtime its kinda 'kaku' 2 write something for public ahaks yala were not a writer hehe juz to share hows our student life in here mansoura egypt =) (mnela taw ade bakat jd writer hihi)
anyways we'll introduce ouselves to all sooon..stick with us

haloooo im hanano,^^

n me paah-boo! =)

finally the only one timoto azaru! =p


diz is juz da beginning of our journey
juz stay with us to share da greatness n happiness time
of us in egypt hehe =] weeeeee

1 comment:

Rouge_Berry said...

First to comment meyh! hahahaha... great! keep on your journey dudes! hahaha