Monday, 16 April 2012

madah dari hati yang xleh blah :P

I was experiencing ennui 

i just want to know the reason
the reason behind your action

is it my fault?
if yes, please tell me

tell me about my fault
don't just disappear
don't just run away

if i'm wrong
tell me
maybe i can correct my mistake
maybe i can ask your forgiveness
i'm also a norm human being
that also make mistake
without realizing it
so you 
as my old friend
you have to make me realize bout it

what is my fault?
that leads you to punish me like that
i just want to make it clear
whether it is really my fault
or maybe you have your own reason

i really really don't understand
please... i love our friendship
but if this  the end of our friendship
insyaAllah i'll try to accept it

And if this the answer of my pray from Allah
no doubt
i have to understand it

nothing is last forever except Allah

semua yang terjadi ada hikmahnya :)

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